Another Period

by Vaginals



these songs were mostly made with Maria La Cochina's 4-track recorder at different times and in different places over the course of a few years (between 1998-2004) and occasionally with the help of friends... dedicated to Edward Farrel Jr (RIP)


released April 1, 2002

additional players: Ed Farrel Jr. (track 8, 11) Tetsunori (track 1,3,6) Mikki Olsen (track11) Raul Nieves (track 4) & Bobby Bray (track 6,7)



all rights reserved


Vaginals San Diego, California

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Track Name: Do Yerself
go ahead do better than me!
do yerself
I dare you
to step on up, a little further up
I'm not wasting any time and
yer not wasting mine
if I can do better than you than I can do better than me
this aint no race noooo -its a motivator
this aint no competition -its inspiration
I'm not wondering why
I am not waiting around
just so you can walk by
you should just walk on
walk on by
dont waste my time
just walk on by
this aint no race
no competition
but inspiration
my motivation
Track Name: Party Fouls Are All The Rage This Year
hey, haven't you heard?
no, no what?
party fouls are all the rage this year!
PLEASE don't apologize for keep's sake
anything not to think about sex
dont paint to the Bangles, it'll only bring you down
tomorrow will be a better day
tomorrow will be a better day
tomorrow will be a better day
we'll finish painting
then move into zen?
then move into zen
we'll finish painting?
then move into zen
swimming with the sharks
yeah, swimming with the sharks
when the water is just fine?
its just fine.. dont paint to the Bangles though
it'll only bring you down
please dont apologize
we wrote a song
we called in the exorcist
it was really fun..
really fun
really FUN
anything not to think about sex
tomorrow will be better, it will
yeah it will all be better
just dont paint to the Bangles
I know, it'll only bring you down
it'll only bring you down
it'll only bring you down
see, have ta take it when it comes
yeah, especially when they dont..
yeah, gotta take it when it comes
specially when they dont..
they havent
well I heard he called in the exorcist
and then he wrote a song?
said he had a lotta fun
did he call in the exorcist?
we called in the exorcist and then wrote a song?
I know it was really fun
uhhh don't paint to The Bangles
I, I wont hav -make that mistake again
it really brought me down
it brought me down, it brought you down, too?
yeah, it totally brought me down
just gotta keep swimming with the sharks
yeah, when the weather's fine
its fine, isn't it?
I thought -yeah, I said it was fine
oh please dont apologize, for keeps sake
keeps sake, who's that?
you know, for keep's sake
alright, I wont apologize
hey, you know that I heard that they wrote a song
yeah, they called in the priest
it was really
really fun
really fun?
really fun
it was really fun
tomorrow will be better
tomorrow will be better
real better, much better
we'll finish painting
then move into zen?
then move into zen
Track Name: psychedelic Oh SHIT!
Track Name: Who's That Monkey in the Middle? A Copy of Mind Control Erasers! (o.g. version)
an ape
a primate
a mammal
a confused neanderthal
or maoist pie chart
a label without origin
superior yet dissatisfied
oh please
just let em catch it -just once..

sadness was merely another form of entertainment
laughter was the kind of love that revolves
tied loosely to a form of subtle patience
scribbled over grief
it made sense

and when asked a show of faces comply
their look is neither
Track Name: That One Song
so... hey what? its that one song.. I can remember the sound.. and its one thing to be found is that one song.. and you hear it in yer head -all day, all evening long.. and if youre walking, you could be anywhere.. you could also be far away but it'll be in yer head -its that one song! you know how it goes... thats how it goes.. and you'll go down to the store and youll buy yerself some bread and some water or some beer or some fruit or some candy and youll be thinking about that song in yer head.. that one -hows it go? whats the name of it again? I LOVE that song.. and then you might find yourself trying to unwind after a long hard day at work and youll try to read a book to make you fall asleep faster and then as yer falling asleep -youll hear it -its that one song -hows it go again? I LOVE IT! that was my favorite song... and then at one point or another you decide to give yerself a wonderful bubble bath and you make sure its as hot as you can take it and you put either epson salt or oils or soap or shampoo (if yer poor) or bubble bath -I prefer Mr. Bubbles and you slide right in there and you start dozing off and you hear the silence of the bathroom and the echos of the wall and you think of that song... hows it go again? I LOVE THAT SONG! I cant remember its name though.. I just keep hearing it over and over again in my head as I'm sitting hear playin with the bubbles in the water... I love that song.. I LOVE THAT SONG!